Meme Dota 2 Returns with Midas Mode 2

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  Midas Mode is an extremely-fun Dota 2 tournament and mode developed by Moonduck which was first seen back in 2017. This year, somehow, it returns as North America’s only LAN event – although nothing is set in stone just yet.

  Earlier today a video was released, similar to the one which hailed the arrival of Midas Mode back in 2017 only this time it was 90% more cringe-worthy action rather than explaining exactly what the game mode entails.

  The first Midas Mode saw 4 teams from North America and 4 teams from Europe split and compete in their regional divisions. The tournament features the same Dota 2 action we know and love, but with a very heavy twist – the ‘Moonbucks’ twist. Each team starts the tournament of with a set amount of ‘Moonbucks’ which is the team’s currency for a host of things during the games; from picking and banning to pausing. There are also ways to earn your team more Moonbucks such as not banning or randomizing heroes as well as certain ‘bounties’ which are a daily chosen challenge put forth by the community.

  Midas Mode is not a very serious tournament and all proceeds go to charity, but it is still a ton of fun for all the teams involved and hilarious to watch at times. There is currently no information, as per the video, as to what teams will be competing at Midas Mode 2 or when it will be, but be sure that Jake ‘SirActionSlacks’ Kanner will definitely throw some memes at us to let us know it’s coming.